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Electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding, also referred to as Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) shielding or conductive coating is applied to many different types of electronic devices. It is the process of limiting the flow of electromagnetic fields between two locations, by separating them with a barrier made of conductive material. For example, when you get an MRI, it shields the sensitive imaging equipment from electromagnetic interference in order to receive an accurate readout as possible.

EMI shielding can present a challenge when using injection molded parts for you electronics. At B & J Coating, we apply spraylat 599-Y2000 copper conductive coating to the inside of your parts.

The EMI shielding is applied to plastic parts used in the computer, electronic, and medical industries. At B and J Coating, copper EMI shielding is applied with an agitated 2 gallon pressure pot for the purpose of passing UL, CE, or FCC requirements to get your product to market.

It consists of a sprayed on copper coating that assists in the conduction of electrical signals inside an electrical device. We then use an Ohm meter to measure the resistance of the coating to ensure it meets your requirements.

Pictured below are some EMI coated parts.